Google Tag Manager Latest Version 1.0


Google Tag Manager App for Unbounce is a quick and easy way to add Google Analytics tracking, re-targeting pixels and custom data to your Unbounce landing pages. The beauty of this app is that it doesn't require you to leave the Unbounce editor, making the process of adding tags much simpler and faster. Whether you're looking to track pageviews, add a remarketing pixel or capture custom data, Google Tag Manager App for Unbounce has you covered.


Quickly and easily add your tracking scripts.

Using the Google Tag Manager App allows you to quickly add all your tracking pixels immediatly to your landing page.

Manage all your tracking scripts in one place.

Don't worry about whether you remembered to add a tracking script or not. With Google Tag Manager App, you can be certain exactly what scripts are on your page.

Stop digging for your Google Tag Manager script.

All you need to install this app is your GTM Container ID. Just put that into the App and we'll do the rest.

App Partner Program

The Unbounce App Partner Program is now open for early access! If your company is interested in building an app and getting listed in our apps directory, we'd love to have you on board. As a member of the program, you'll get access to the Unbounce SDK Beta and support from our team. We can't wait to work with you!